Advertising Tips for the Content Market: 10 Ways to Boost Content through Social Media

August 1, 2016

Let’s face it, content shares through social media aren’t the most reliable form of advertisement anymore. Due to the ever-growing competition of advertising and the inconsistency of shares, Facebook and other social media outlets aren’t providing a great medium for content to be noticed.

Many people believe that content marketing is simple; create the content, share the content on social media and people will flock to your ads. Although this would be ideal, the process is wishful thinking at best. Here are 10 tips that will actually get content noticed by users:

1. Boost that quality score

Google coined this rating system in reference to the relevance of keywords and pay-per-click ads. Facebook calls this system their “Relevancy Score.” This metric is crucial in increasing your content views and also keeping your budget low. A high score will result in a higher ad impression share at a low cost per engagement. But, make sure that only the best content is being used to try and increase engagement rates. Otherwise a low quality score and high cost per engagement can happen.

2. Increase engagement by targeting an audience

Many people take the lazy route and attempt to target their entire audience. Although it’s more convenient, you’ll end up wasting money and time by doing this. By filtering through an audience based on different demographics, higher engagement will occur.

3. Generate free clicks from paid ads

Tweet engagements are the most popular type of ad on Twitter. But, you must pay for every user engagement; viewing a profile, expanding an image, clicking a hashtag, etc. Because there are so many options for Twitter users, this type of advertising can be extremely expensive. Instead, choose to pay for that one thing that best suits your business and promote your best content there. Whether it be video views or clicks to a website. That way you’re not spending a fortune on Twitter and your content will get lots of impressions and shares.

4. Promote top video content

Video ads can be extremely successful if done efficiently. Make sure to promote the videos that have generated the best results and engaged the most viewers on your website or other social media outlets. Many people watch video ads without sound, so ensure that your message is clear even without audio. Keep the message short and memorable. Users want information fast but also don’t want to waste their time.

5. Take advantage of custom audience features

Both Twitter and Facebook showcase tailoring your audience as a new advertising feature. By customizing your audience based on your promoted media, posts can be shared and seen by many more users than if you just posted based on your entire demographic. Take advantage of these social media features to target key influencers.

6. Promote existing content to other social sites

Yes, Facebook and Twitter are essential to post content. But, invest some time in sites like LinkedIn and Reddit. These sites generate a lot of traffic. By tailoring your content to the site’s demographic, you can increase content exposure for a very minimal cost. Promote existing content that you have on these sites, accelerate the posts on Facebook or other social media sites, and you will create valuable exposure for your content.

7. Optimizing engagement = awesome search engine optimization

Ensure click-through and engagement rates of your content through ads on social media sites. Optimize all content so it’s user friendly. This can only boost your SEO ratings on Google. By enhancing user engagement, your SEO rating will increase as well.

8. Social media remarketing

Remarketing on social media can enhance user engagement and conversions rates. The best part is that it’ll cut your cost. Use remarketing for the user offers, sign-ups, downloads, etc.

9. Super remarketing

Combining demographic with recent behavioral data can lead to the very successful “super remarketing.” Narrow the demographic to behavior and interest targeting (targeting people who are interested in your content) remarketing (targeting users who have recently viewed your content), and demographic targeting (targeting those who can afford to buy your products).

10. Combine paid search and social ads

Remarketing lists for search ads is a search engine tool that targets who have recently visited your site when searching on Google. This tool increases click-throughs and conversion rates. But, it does not target audiences that are unfamiliar with your content. To include these users on your awesome content, appeal to them through social media ads.

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