5 Tips to Consistent Video Content Without Breaking the Bank

September 11, 2016

Once an out-of-reach medium due to intimidation and cost, video is now easy and affordable. Many users are unaware that cinema-quality video content is at their fingertips and that it’s much easier to achieve than it used to be.

Consistent video uploading is just as important, if not more so, as consistent blog posts or podcasts. Affordable video production has boomed in the last few years. Here’s why:

Video equipment cost is decreasing. Pricing for high-end, expensive cameras and accessories is coming down, but the quality of the smartphone camera is going up. Tiny cameras that fit in your pocket and travel everywhere with you rival those pricey, professional options.

The accessibility of DIY production tools is overwhelming. Instead of focusing on hiring a crew and paying someone to edit the material, you can do it yourself. Video editing software is usually built in new computer programs, and you can purchase a more advanced version for an affordable price.

Video platforms like YouTube have skyrocketed the relevance and popularity of video sharing. These sites have enabled users to share videos and upload media from their own home.

Less than perfect videos are perfectly acceptable. Because of the rising popularity of YouTube, Snapchat and many more sites, the perfect video isn’t necessary. These platforms have made less than perfect quality videos all the norm for viewers.

YouTube estimates that over 100 hours of video is uploaded to the site every single minute. Cisco predicts that by 2019, 80 percent of online traffic will be videos. If these reasons and statistics don’t make you want to jump on the film bandwagon, maybe these helpful tips will:

1. HD video is already in your pocket.
High-quality cameras deliver stunning, cinema-quality HD video. Of course these products can get you the results that you’re looking for, but you’ll be shelling out a few thousand dollars for it. Not ready to invest? An iPhone 6s records video in 4K, double the resolution than some highly priced cameras.

2. Audio is everything.
Although most don’t even factor audio into basic video production, it can really impress viewers. A quality microphone that plugs into your camera or separate recording device can make your video sound much more professional.

3. Lighting is critical to quality video.
Most don’t have access to an expensive set of lighting equipment. To master great video lighting, it does take a little practice. Either embrace the natural light of the sun or play around with artificial indoor light.

4. Keep ‘em glued with B-roll.
B-roll, or short video clips and still photos that add variety to the monotonous story line, is what keeps viewers stuck on the screen. Mastering B-roll is a secret that professionals use. Watch a few videos and take note of the quick scene changes. It’ll capture your attention and keep you coming back for more content.

5. Editing is the big picture.
After shooting, you’ll likely end up with a ton of raw footage. Now time to edit all of your awesome video content! Of course, this can be overwhelming. Although there are professional sites that will take all of your raw footage and send your content back nicely edited, learning some basics of video editing keeps the control in your hands. If you decide to hire someone to help with editing, being familiar with basic editing terms and functions can help you communicate exactly what you want from your content.

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