KSA&D and St. Luke’s University Health Network Won Two GDUSA American Web Design Awards

June 16, 2017

KSA&D, Inc., and St. Luke’s University Health Network have won two GDUSA American Web Design Awards: The Best in Web and Interactive + UX Design.

St. Luke’s Cancer Center Share a Ribbon campaign was recognized for an Advertising & Promotion award from GDUSA. This category was focused around marketing, ads created and online campaigns. Share a Ribbon has excelled in all three requirements and in the first month the St. Luke’s Cancer service line doubled its page views and users. Share a Ribbon was created to spread a message of hope, support, awareness, remembrance or inspiration to those who need it the most. Users were directed to a landing page where they could pick the type of cancer ribbon to share, including breast cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer among many others. They were then asked with whom they would like to share the ribbon. Users also had the option to post their dedication to Facebook for all their friends to see as well as encourage them to Share a Ribbon.

St. Luke’s Project Save a Heart won an award for UX/UI from GDUSA. The focus for this category was to provide an exceptional digital experience via any digital products including microsites, mobile and tablet design, social media, and advertising and promotion.

Project Save a Heart exceeded all of these requirements. In the first four months, St. Luke’s University Health Network saw all-time high web performance for its St. Luke’s Heart & Vascular microsite, with an increase of 66 percent overall page views and 70 percent unique users to the site. Also, from Facebook sponsored posts alone, the campaign reached 168,000 people.

Spreading heart health and wellness-focused content was the goal of Project Save a Heart. KSA&D partnered with St. Luke’s University Health Network in February 2017 to build a Facebook app to provide tips and build consumer engagement. Accessed at projectsaveaheart.org, St. Luke’s is encouraging consumers to click on a heart icon which will serve up one of dozens of heart-healthy tips and prompt users to share that tip on their Facebook page. By doing so, we can essentially broadcast these heart-healthy tips far and wide and, hopefully, save hearts.

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