Quick Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversions

April 11, 2017

Getting users to trust you has become somewhat of a challenge. With so much nonsense out there online when serious companies create landing pages the conversions are slightly lower than anticipated. But there is a fix! Use these quick tips as a checklist when creating landing pages:

Think Like a User

When you start to create your page, determine your audience. What is the best way to get your message across and how can you increase conversions? These questions will help you understand your target audience and create the ideal landing page.

Use Simple Language

Content will always prevail in the online world. While visual content is great, written content will always be powerful to your audience. So again, think like a user, read your message out loud and aim for clarity. If you cannot explain it to your users in the simplest way, you may need to rethink your messaging.

Ask for as little information as possible

From forms to newsletter subscriptions, keep it simple and user friendly. Only ask the real important information. Users will think twice when there is too much asked of them, when it comes to personal information. Get the user to trust you with a quick and simple process.

Create a Powerful CTA for Your Landing Page

The call-to-action is everything! Your message or form or button must be appealing to the user and be easy to spot or use. Make sure it stands out on the landing page so that when your user gets there they know what you’re trying to achieve.

Using the Right Visuals

Visual content is important to pull the entire landing page together. This will build engagement, boost the message and make it clear, explain the service or product, or give real examples. Users will appreciate the content and it will only increase your conversion rate.

Optimize Your Landing Page for Mobile

Mobile optimization is a priority for every page. We are in a mobile world now. Keep your design and landing page seamless across all devices. We don’t want to lose users because the landing page is not optimized and then the user leaves the page without completing the CTA.

Leave Out Distractions

Keep it simple. You don’t want to lose the conversion to a pop up or a user exploring other pages while on your landing page. Remove navigations or menus so that the user has to focus on the landing page and your CTA.

Creating the perfect landing page can make or break your conversion rate. KSA&D will make sure you exceed your landing page goals. Let us help you. Reach out to KSA&D by phone 610-797-7909 or by email at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to assist.

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