What Makes A Good Business Logo?

February 7, 2019

Creating lasting first impressions.

They say a brand’s first impression is made in just 10 seconds of seeing a logo. Take a minute to think of all of the places where your brand’s logo lives:  social media, your website, apparel, a billboard, that coffee mug you gave out to all of your clients over the holidays. If your marketing is strong, new people are viewing your logo every day. It is important to make sure that your brand’s visual depiction portrays all elements of your value proposition.


KSA&D has expert experience in doing just that.


To get into a little more detail, we chatted with Peter, one of KSA&D’s founding partners, and Erin, the Director of Creative Services to ask them what makes a good business logo.


Peter started off the conversation by outlining the elements of a brand that its logo should include. He explained that a good business logo should:

  1. Be receptive of the target audience
  2. Be designed with a brand voice in mind
  3. Emphasize the brand’s promise and values
  4. Take into consideration the brand perception and position


Next, we spoke with Erin to get her perspective. She explained that a good business logo:

  1. Is easily understood
  2. Portrays the right emotion
  3. Works on all platforms
  4. Makes sense in color and B&W
  5. Formats well in different sizes
  6. Is well thought out (*not put together in 5 minutes*)
  7. Is easily recognized and memorable
  8. It is unique


First impressions are important. Your brand can leave informative and lasting messages on your target audiences through a well-designed logo. Every brand’s story is different, and your logo should be too.

If you are looking for an expertly designed business logo, KSA&D is your resource.

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