KSA&D Welcomes New Web Developer

December 20, 2017

KSA&D Wev Developer

KSA&D is excited to introduce our newest member of the web development team, Cris Stauter. His creative outlook will assist in enhancing KSA&D’s continuous improvement efforts. Cris has an eye for user experience to help dictate what changes need to be made to enhance our current web offerings and increase the return on investment to all of KSA&D’s current and future clients. Cris has a strong background in business-to-consumer web development, advertising agency experience and is a leader in the local community.

In his new position, Cris will be responsible for coding, modifying and designing websites to make them user-friendly and visually satisfying for the customer. Peter Schurman, partner and co-owner of KSA&D said, “We’re very excited to add Cris to our constantly growing development team. His skills and experience as a web developer and a UX designer make him a phenomenal asset.”

Coming to KSA&D, Cris said his decision was made easy by KSA&D’s track record of always putting the client first. “I am ready to hit the ground running,” noted Cris. Web development, design and marketing teams are very excited to present our added capabilities and to help provide solutions to our clients each step of the creative way.