KSA&D Welcomes New Developer

August 3, 2018

KSA&D is thrilled to welcome a new member to the team, Tim Skoraszewski. Tim is joining the crew as a web developer and will be working on the various web applications, websites and other digital projects that KSA&D handles. Using the latest and greatest programs and technologies, Tim will be offering widespread expertise in all different facets of web development. His experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and more will contribute greatly to the team’s skillset.

An avid BBQ lover, winemaker, beer brewer, and fly fisherman (he was actually a guide for ten years and was published in Flyfisherman magazine!), Tim is transitioning to KSA&D after spending years doing web development for the pharmaceutical and financial industries. Looking for a change of pace, KSA&D offered a fresh approach to his field. With the culture shift from the pharma and finance businesses, he is looking forward to the variety offered by an advertising agency, specifically the variety of clients. Tim said that the biggest draw to KSA&D, though, was the opportunity to “do meaningful work with local and regional clients.” We can’t wait to do more meaningful work with you, too, Tim!


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