KSA&D Welcomes New Web Developer

June 6, 2018

Our development team has gained another new face. KSA&D is happy to welcome Dave Chasar to our talented group of web developers. He will be assuming the position of junior developer, focusing mainly on front-end development. In this role, Dave will be focusing on bringing the best experiences possible to digital users. Additionally, he’ll contribute to some of the back-end development, helping to ensure that our various custom digital properties are running smoothly and efficiently.

Dave originally began his career in a more creative environment, entering the job field with a degree in media communications. His experience includes seven years as a video editor and graphic designer, but Dave decided to return to school for training in a different area–computer science. As someone who had dabbled with web design and coding previously, it seemed like a logical transition. Dave said that before, as a creative person, he had always wanted to work at an advertising agency–and now, being a developer gave him the chance. After interning for KSA&D, Dave was asked to stay on full-time and accepted the opportunity, saying that “I really enjoyed interning here; it was a place that made it easy to get out of bed in the morning!” Ready to dive in head first, Dave is excited to work with our variety of clients, and also to continue learning more from the rest of the team–and we’re excited to have him!

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