Mobile-first Indexing – Google’s Latest Game Changer

May 31, 2017

Google’s latest and biggest change is the talk of the town, well the search engine optimization town. Mobile-first indexing. What does that mean? Google is constantly changing the way it is indexing content and where your site will appear when searching. Currently, Google uses the desktop versions of websites and that is how it bases which websites will appear first. Once Google implements this update it will no longer look at the desktop version, instead it will base ranking on the mobile version.

We are still waiting on a specific date for when Google will roll out mobile-first indexing. But in the meantime, here are a few things you can do to make sure your site is ready and will be indexed correctly:

Mobile Site

Do you have a mobile friendly website? If not, that’s step one before anything else. There are multiple ways to check your site. If you find your site is not mobile friendly, KSA&D would love to help. Contact us today to help get your site mobile friendly before Google rolls out this new indexing method.


Look at your mobile site. Is the content on desktop visible on mobile? If not, start there. Your mobile site should provide users with the same experience as desktop. Before you do that make sure you find the best way to move over the content. You don’t want to just throw it on the page without it making sense; that will hurt your ranking even more. Just make sure it works for your site.

Page Speed

Google already takes mobile and desktop speed into consideration when indexing. Mobile speed is going to be more important than ever once Google rolls out mobile-first indexing. If your site is not loading within three seconds you might want to think about ways to improve your site speed. To see how you can improve your website speed, check out our post about website speed.

Mobile indexing is going to be a big change in how Google ranks your site. To make sure your website is not negatively impacted, follow these tips or let KSA&D help out. We know what we are doing and can help your website and mobile site continue to get ranked when Google rolls out these changes. Contact us today and we will help get your site ready!

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