Need for Website Speed

February 14, 2017

A company’s site speed can significantly affect a user’s decision on whether to visit a page or visit a competitor’s page that is working faster. We want them to stay on your site and get the most of their visit. A site’s speed can affect six key areas that we do not want it to.

Six Key Areas Affected by Site Speed:


You can’t afford to stay still. The second it takes to load or extra seconds could make or break your sale. If a potential customer is on your website to purchase an item or service and it takes long to load, they will not stay. Keep your sites speed up by reducing heavy images or scripts. Monitor your site’s analytics and customers behavior. Test your sites speed often and don’t forget mobile, too!

Mobile Experience

Mobile users are a tiny bit more lenient on speed. When we say a tiny bit, it is only a second or two. Mobile users will leave your page if it takes longer than four seconds to load. Each of these key areas have similar fixes. Keep up with testing your site speed and reduce heavy images or scripts.

User Experience

Customer experience contributes to what a visitor really thinks of your site and your site’s performance. If your page takes 10 seconds to load, a user is more likely to leave and visit a site that takes a second or two at the most.


A sites speed affect almost everything. Revenue is a big one especially for your company. With a slowly working site or a site that takes longer than three seconds to load, most users will abandon the page completely and find their services elsewhere. That is not the goal. We want them on your site within the first second or two of them clicking.

Search Engine Optimization

How fast your page appears can have a large impact on SEO. A one second delay can result in a 11 percent loss of page views. Keep up with testing your site monthly or after adding or updating any content or photos. It will help increase SEO along with all these key factors.


A one second delay can reduce conversions by about 7 percent. Site conversions are the most important factor in your company’s online marketing strategy. If a site is delaying a customer from getting exactly where your company wants them to be, it will be a loss in sales and revenue as well.

It all works together in the end, so keeping your site speed up and the fastest it can be is very important. KSA&D is here to help make sure your site is up and running as fast as it can to increase your sales, revenue, SEO and conversions. Give KSA&D a call if you have any questions about your company’s site speed or how we can help your site be more beneficial overall.

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