What is the Best Platform for Your Website?

February 11, 2021

If you’re looking to build a website or redo your existing site, you may be wondering what platform to use. Like any purchasing decision, you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of each platform you’re looking into and find out which one gets the best reviews, all of which will help guide you to make the best choice. But this can be an overwhelming decision to make, and we can help. 

KSA&D is proud to be a certified partner with two of the best of the best platforms – Kentico and Sitecore. We know the ins and outs of these website products like the back of our hand, and happily help our clients understand which one will work best for their website and business needs. 

Whether your focus is more e-commerce, blog post content, pages for your services, or a combination, below you’ll find factors we’ve put together outlining what you need to make the right decision on your website platform.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Website Platform

Before we jump right into your platform options, there are a few things to consider with each product:

Price: Each platform’s cost is different. Some are free, where your site’s fee will be through your hosting provider, while others range in price depending on what functionality you need in your website. KSA&D helps you understand the pricing associated with each platform and what the best option is for your business. 

Customer Support: Not all platforms come with 24/7 customer support. If you think you’ll need a lot of tech support for your website, you’ll want to pick an option with support available to you. KSA&D’s development team can take care of your website needs as well. Our development team offers support when you need it. Simply submit your website issue to our support portal, and an email notification will be sent to our team, and we will respond to you within 24-48 hours. 

Personalization: Some platform features include the ability to personalize your website content to different user experiences. This can help increase your conversion rate and provide you more business. 

SEO: SEO is a must for your website. After all, you want people to find you online. It is vital to choose a platform that provides the tools to help you rank in SEO. KSA&D’s marketing team will gladly assist you with your SEO initiatives. Our team will do a full SEO audit of your site, and take care of meta descriptions, title tags, alt tags for your images, internal and external linking, schema markup, and more. We’ll also work with you to make recommendations on content updates, and ways to boost your SEO through additional tools to your site. 

Usability: Different products can have different levels of ease of use when setting up your website. If you don’t have a lot of development know-how, you may want to go with a more user-friendly platform. KSA&D’s development team can take care of your website build with any platform you want to go with. 

Security: Depending on which product you choose, you may have to handle your site security yourself. Some platforms have the tools to do this for you, and KSA&D can help maintain your site for you as well. 

Platforms We Recommend

Kentico: Kentico is an enterprise-focused CMS platform with two different products available, Kontent and Xperience. Kontent helps you manage your content through a headless cloud-based CMS that can be delivered anywhere through an API. Xperience has a CMS and digital marketing tool in one through either an on-premise or cloud-based platform. Kentico offers a limited free option and ranges in price depending on what your goal is for your website. Some technical experience is required for building the front end of your website. 

Sitecore: Sitecore is a .NET platform that delivers content management, digital marketing, and e-commerce for an all-in-one digital experience. Pricing for Sitecore can vary depending on what products you need.

WordPress: WordPress is a popular option because it is free and gives you the ability to build any website, from e-commerce to forums. WordPress offers thousands of themes to cater to your site’s appearance, along with all types of free plugins to add features to your site. The only thing you would essentially need to pay for is the hosting of your website with WordPress.

When you need a new website or a website rebuild, contact KSA&D, and we will get you set up in the right website platform to bring your business success.

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