Facebook Adds a Colorful Twist

December 6, 2017

Facebook is getting a whole lot more colorful! Can you remember the last time you posted an original status on Facebook? While reposting videos and images have increased, Facebook has noticed a decrease in original posts. To keep up with other social media apps that thrive on ever-changing filters and animations, Facebook has been working on a solution to encourage people to post more on their wall instead of simply sharing someone else’s status, and they may have just come up with the perfect solution!

In Facebook’s original attempt to excite users, you may recall clicking on certain words such as “congratulations” or “Happy Birthday” and out of nowhere colorful balloons magically appeared. Facebook has taken this idea and kicked it up a notch. The new update includes a long list of words that prompt various animations.

Popular words like “rad” “bff” and even “thank you so much” are trigger words and phrases that Facebook has recently linked to a visual experience on your screen. These words are programmed to appeal to digital users with vivid colors and unique animations that will wow both young and old alike.

Facebook is taking this feature one step further by adding celebratory animations to accompany life-changing events. How many engagement photos have you seen on your feed? My guess is a bunch! Now there will be an animation to go along with that life event so you can express your excitement and love for the new couple.

Facebook hopes this new feature will add flavor and life to posts and encourage people to check and update their feed more frequently. This colorful feature is easy to use, unlike some of the more complicated features on other social media apps and will jazz up the look and feel of the digital sharing experience while allowing users to have a meaningful and interactive way to share their news.

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