11 Innovative Products from the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

January 11, 2019

A Curated List of KSA&D’s Favorite Announcements


This week the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The CES attracts over 180K people, with nearly 4.5K exhibits and 1K speakers. This show is one of a kind and attracts the world’s business leaders and innovative thinkers.

In today’s rapidly innovative society, it is critical to stay not only in-the-know, but also able to quickly adopt and implement new technology into business. Organizations in highly saturated markets are becoming industry leaders through technology.

After following along with the various live-streams and articles from CES, KSA&D curated a list of the technology announcements that we think will make the biggest impact in 2019. The two major themes amongst the new technologies are the use of Voice Assistants and Artificial Intelligence (AI), but each of these technologies have been implemented into a variety of industries.


Social Good



Intel’s Partnership with the National Geographic Society is allowing for the development of AI cameras to prevent poachers in wildlife reserves.


Google is connecting the world through language. Google Home rolled out an interpreter mode that will easily allow multiple languages to be interpreted right from its device. At locations like hotels, where it isn’t uncommon to find guests that speak multiple languages, Google Home will be able to serve as the concierge’s desk personal interpreter.


In-House Convenience



Ubtech Walker announced the development of a 4.5 foot tall robot that can pick up and bring items back to you. Now grabbing the remote from the other sofa will not be such a burden.


Speaking of television, LG’s Rollable OLED TV was on display at the CES highlighting its unique feature:being able to disappear on command by rolling into its base! Stay tuned, the commercial version is launching later this year. They also announced a TV with a sound system that projects through the screen, to make the sounds come from the specific objects that are making the noise. Surreal.


Emerging from the patio-furniture industry, Shadecraft launched a product that eliminates the burden of your patio umbrella from flying away in an unexpected storm. This smart paracel can detect wind and various elements. It can open and close automatically according to the weather, or be controlled by voice through its various smart device integrations.  


Personal Health



Withings had its smartwatch out for display. Although not completely new to market, this smartwatch is noteworthy and on-point with the personal health trend. It allows users to take an electrocardiogram, track sleep, log exercise, and map your movements through your phone’s GPS. Sound familiar? Although its capabilities alight with that of the Apple Watch, this product offers an 18 month battery life, a more traditional look, and a much less expensive price. Trendy.


Samsung’s Bot Care and Bot Air are game changing. Bot Care can help take care of the sick or elderly by tracking vitals such as blood pressure and heart rates. Bot Air moves around the house and purifies the air. Healthy living has never been more convenient.


Now this device is not for those who just set a fitness 2019 resolution, but instead for the avid fitness and fighter gurus. FightCamp’s fighting equipment is a full set with punching bag, boxing gloves, wraps, and mat. It tracks every element of the workout and offers a monthly membership for online workout classes.


Just For Fun



If you are looking for another countertop appliance, LG has you covered. At the CES, they announced the launch of their HomeBrew Smart Appliance that lets you brew your choice of beer through single-use ingredient capsules. The best part? It cleans itself.


Moving into the beauty segment, Procter & Gamble announced a new feature in its online Olay Skin Advisor tool. It allows users to show what their face and skin will look like in the future. It’s never too late to change up your skin care routine. 


Google’s multiple announcements included that of new partnerships with Sonos, Dish and Samsung. Get excited because Google’s voice assistant will be integrated into 1 billion of these devices by the end of January!


So what’s the takeaway? We know that smart technology is increasingly becoming more of a necessity across all industries. Businesses of all sizes must be innovative as they continue to move forward into our tech-first world. In 2019 businesses should consider all ways that they can implement voice technology and AI into their product lines and marketing strategies.

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