5 Quick Tips to Boost Your SEO Presence in 2017

January 16, 2017

It’s the best time of the year to reevaluate your search engine optimization and find the best way to improve your SEO presence this year.

Is it a goal or New Year’s resolution to focus on business goals to improve your brand’s presence?

We have five quick tips to boost your SEO presence, add value and improve your rankings:

Add Value
It’s critical to create content that adds value and maintains relevance to the intended audience. In the same breath it is also about knowing your audience, not just quality content. The more useful the content is to the audience the higher the chance it is to be ranked better in the search results. How do you add more value to your content? Find the most popular topics and expand the content related and have it aimed to reach your audience better.

User Experience
It may be a good idea to test how your user experience affects the traffic to your site. Did you know that 93 percent of online experiences start with a search? So even before they get to your site on desktop or mobile, the experience begins. You want to show your best self online and it starts with some maybe overdue and necessary tweaks, like first testing your site for broken links to make sure your users are getting to the correct places on your site. Some other maintenance tweaks you can implement are having appealing content, easy to use navigation and/or menu structure and having a good page speed. With all the new and relevant content you’ll be adding you want to make sure users are not waiting until 2018 for your site to load.

Improve Content
In 2016, search engines were focusing on the actual content. What a better time than in 2017 than to revamp and improve your overall content. If your content is not appealing to your audience there is no need to spend the extra time to optimize it. Check the keywords, your site’s stats and engagement on each topic and see what your users want more of and give it to them. Think like a user. not like a search engine. It will get your content a lot further.

Upgrade Visual Content
Visual content is more important than ever! Check it out for yourself in our blog about video consumption rise this year! Now that we are all on the same page, it is the best way to supplement text on your site and it can significantly improve SEO. Upgrading your visual content doesn’t take more than a few minutes from making sure it has alt text, a meta description and keywords to maybe hosting your own videos not just from YouTube. It’s super simple!

Keeping Online Footprint Up-to-Date
Keeping your site up-to-date can only get you so far. You need the whole package. Start the year off with experimenting with new platforms and find what works and what does not work. Your users will thank you. The more accurate your presence online is the better rankings and the better your SEO will be.

If after reading this you’re wondering how you will possibly add this to your workload or just had no idea where to start, it’s okay. It’s our job to know all this and help you. Reach out to KSA&D and we will be more than happy to help improve your SEO this year.

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