5 Tips to Improve Your Company’s Instagram

August 10, 2018

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms of modern society. Owned by Facebook, the picture sharing service has about 800 million users and continues to grow. Though Instagram is the most popular with young adults, it has users of almost all ages and can provide your business (or personal account!) with a lot of reach. How can your business make the most of this platform? Take advantage of these tips:

Use hashtags.

Hashtags are perhaps the biggest key to Instagram. Hashtags are used to sort your images into larger categories so that people can find posts that they find relevant. For example, let’s say you have a great picture of your favorite furry friend. Posting it and adding a hashtag like #dogsofinstagram will allow other dog lovers to find your picture more easily.

The more the better — If you’re looking to gain followers, don’t be shy on the hashtags. They make your content more discoverable, so adding 5 to 10 can be enough to get you a follower or two. Using too many can feel a little like spam, but you can post them in your comment section so that it’s not a part of the post’s description.

Popularity contest — You can see how often a hashtag has been used as you start to type it into your caption. Using popular ones, like the #dogsofinstagram example used above, can get your post some more attention than normal. However, if you’re a more established brand, you can use unique hashtags to your advantage. They can be used to commemorate special events (look up some wedding hashtags, they’re everywhere), show people using a specific product (ex: Coca Cola’s #ShareACoke), or hold a contest with entries that use the hashtag (take a page from Expedia’s #ThowMeBack campaign or our own #FollowMeToCreativity campaign).

Tag locations and people.

Similar to hashtags, adding locations allows your content to be more discoverable. Taking advantage of popular locations could get your post a few more likes. Tagging people or brands in your post could have the same effect, but this could also get you attention from the tagged individual, as well. Getting the attention of an important influencer could earn you more followers, sponsored posts, or just the satisfaction of being recognized!

Follow similar people.

If you want to gain a following, acknowledge the people who already have one. Follow people who have content similar to yours, which you can find by searching for keywords or by clicking through some hashtags you plan on using. Going back to the #dogsofinstagram example, you can find other dog-friendly profiles by searching for users with related keywords (dog, pup, etc.) or looking through dog-related hashtags for some quality content. Give them a follow, like and comment on their posts regularly, and they might just follow you back. Worst case scenario: they don’t follow you back. Best case scenario: they love your content and might even want to collaborate.

Enter Instagram challenges.

Every week, Instagram’s official profile posts a photo challenge to its users. Dubbed the Weekend Hashtag Project, or #WHP, each week has a new theme. Users are encouraged to post submissions of new content relating to the theme, and the best of the submissions can be reposted by Instagram. If your content fits the theme, it could be a great way to get discovered, and posts chosen by Instagram often receive hundreds of thousands of likes and increased traffic to the poster’s profile.

Consistency, consistency, consistency.

Perhaps the most important tip for Instagram, and any social media for that matter, is to be consistent. Post regularly, engage with others regularly, respond to people regularly. Followers expect content, and if you aren’t posting, they are likely to unfollow. Engaging with others should have just as much time dedicated to it as posting content. Liking other people’s posts, commenting, and following is just as likely to gain fans as creating content is.


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