After COVID-19 – How to Get Back to Business as Usual

May 20, 2020

Several weeks into stay-at-home orders and business shutdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners and workers are anxiously wondering when we can get back to business as usual. 

Knowing when we will be back in the office is uncertain as the pandemic continues. When that day comes, it will take some time, and a plan of precautions will need to be put into effect.

Keep Communication Open

The number one thing in getting back on track is having open communication for your employees and clients. Maintain communication as you transition back to the office. Most businesses added messaging to their websites regarding COVID-19 and the steps they are taking for their company. Update this messaging to reflect your current actions to return to work while staying safe.

You’ve Got Mail

Email communication is important internally and externally. Let your employees and clients know by sending out separate emails that you are opening your office(s), the steps you’re taking to open your office(s), and what this means for your employees and your clients.

Post on Social

Lastly, make sure you communicate going back to work on social media. Social media is being used more with the coronavirus pandemic, and utilizing social media will help reach your employees and customers more effectively.

Other things to consider when returning to work: 

  • Manage employee numbers by planning to have staggered groups of people work back in the office. You can do this by keeping remote working in place; this will help your business financially by cutting down on office-related expenses such as office space and supplies, among other things. Your employees are already used to working remotely in the event of another shutdown. 
  • Rethink your office setup to adhere to social distancing and hygiene best practices. 
  • Research and evaluate all department operations for any deficiencies that should be solved to keep productivity on track.
  • Rebuild work morale by addressing any employee concerns, communicating the steps taken to ensure employee’s safety, and encouraging a positive work environment.

Make your transition back to work a seamless return with a communication plan in place. KSA&D is doing everything we can to keep our staff safe while continuing to work from home. We are putting a plan like this in place to get back to business as usual. We can help your business with email marketing, social media, and your communication needs. Get in touch!

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