Ho! Ho! Ho..Hold on. Before You Send That Holiday Email…

November 21, 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The time to see family, enjoy great food, and for businesses it’s the time to reach out to your clients and wish them the best holiday season. We all get those holiday emails, but when is it too much?

The holidays are the time when your inboxes are crammed packed full of deals from retailers, family party invites, holiday promotions and your businesses holiday card. Make sure it stands out and doesn’t get lost.

We have some tips to make sure your holiday email gets seen and how to not overwhelm them.

One of the best ways to make sure your message gets to your clients is to watch your analytics. Start with a simple card and send it to select recipients. See how well it is received by them. Did anyone opt out of emails? Did they click on any links? Did they even open it?

Once you have looked through all the analytics carefully, decide your next move whether it be designing a new card or changing the message. Then send to another group and see which send had better results.

Another great tip we have is to send more targeted messages. If you have a bunch of different industries, separate them and create different content specifically for each group. This will appeal more to your clients and they will be more inclined to open and view your holiday email. It can also be more effective and drive business or client relationships with a signature or personalized message.

Social media is another way to increase your chances of clients opening your email. Add messages about Facebook posts or Instagram pictures to really engage your clients. This will also increase your activity on your social media channels. Whether you’re posting about holiday parties or holiday sales, your clients want to know.

There are always ways to get your holiday message across to your clients without the email being thrown into the spam or trash bin right away. Let your content do the talking and don’t overwhelm your clients with too much information.

If you’re looking for more help with holiday emails, contact KSA&D! We will be happy to help spread some holiday cheer!

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