Boost Engagement With Personalized Content

June 14, 2019

When crafting your marketing strategy, keeping your audience in mind and engaged is the key to success. Personalized content speaks directly to your consumer and helps to enhance the personality of your brand. Whether you personalize the content on email, social media, or other marketing channels, personalized content is a key component to driving engagement.

Why personalization matters

  • Personalized content speaks directly to your consumer by name. There’s nothing more direct than calling your consumers by their name and adding that thoughtful, personal touch to your email newsletters. This kind of individualized content feels more personal and is much more likely to create an engaged audience.
  • Personalization puts a name to your brand. Adding personal touches to your email blasts that tell your consumer who on your team is sending them an email or responding to an inquiry.
  • Personalization helps your targeting strategy by narrowing down your consumers to those who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. Narrowing down your audience will increase your engagement simply by placing relevant content in front of the right consumers.

How personalization drives engagement

  • Creating personalized content instantly catches the readers attention. Have you read an email subject line that called you directly by name? This tactic is eye-catching, and consumers are more likely to be pulled in to content that is speaking directly to them as an individual.
  • Personalized content also provides space and an invitation for interaction.  Is your content inviting? Creating content based on a user’s specific location or interests helps to drive interactions and boost your engagement. On social, it pays to be direct. Ask a question!
  • Engaging, personalized content speaks directly to consumers who have shown interest in your product, service or something similar. This level of targeting helps you to reach your target market, inciting interaction from people who may already be interested in you.

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