COVID-19 and Digital Marketing

April 13, 2020

How social media, SEO and email communications are vital in this time both internally and externally

As we continue through this challenging time faced with uncertainty, businesses small and large are dealing with loss of revenue and marketing spend. With social distancing in place as coronavirus cases continue to increase, digital marketing is a vital component that must be implemented in order to make it through this time of change. 

With not knowing how long this pandemic will last, businesses will need to re-strategize to incorporate social media, SEO, and email communications to mitigate the losses they are encountering. Companies such as B2B plan to build their customer base by networking at trade shows and exhibitions, small businesses rely a lot of their clientele on word-of-mouth referrals and their hard-earned reputation, and large companies will have to shift marketing budgets with cancelled events. The key to remaining resilient during these losses is being able to adapt. 

Adapting to digital marketing is what will keep your business going, not just for your clients but for your employees as well. Meetings that you normally have in person with staff and clients can be adapted to channels on the web like video conferencing and on social media platforms to make introductions. Events that can be streamed on web platforms is another way to adapt, along with utilizing emails and social media to promote business and send out communications to employees. 

What you should do during this crisis:

  • Emphasize any online products, gift certificates or vouchers, and delivery services you may offer
  • Update your clients and employees on any changes to your operations
  • Redirect marketing budgets to social media, search, and email marketing
  • Focus on your current customers by asking for testimonials, sharing company updates on social media, increase the perks of loyalty programs, call and create virtual consults for your customers

Moving to social marketing, content marketing, SEO, and SEM is not just a game-plan to keep your business afloat, it is an opportunity for growth if it’s not a strong presence in your marketing strategy already. With events being postponed and sales visits being shifted to remote meetings, there is more time to focus on digital strategies and what will work best for your business. Now is the time to give your website some TLC or create your social media presence if you haven’t done so yet. These small updates will help your business in the long run providing long-term value.

Companies that are turning to digital marketing and need a website created or updated, want to launch new e-commerce channels, promote on social media, or want to reach new audiences through SEO, we’ll help you make the most of these channels. 

Let KSA&D help you navigate through this difficult time and lead your organization’s marketing efforts. We’re here, we haven’t slowed down and we’re ready to assist you. Click here and contact us today!

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