Creating an Authentic Brand Online

September 10, 2019

Creating an authentic brand online has been a hot topic of conversation in marketing over the last several years. As the social and digital media landscape evolves, it is important for brands to take a strong stance in their marketing presence and work to actively connect with consumers in a meaningful way. Consumers are savvy and look to brands to provide a “real” and personal experience in their content, rather than one that comes across as strictly commercial. So, how is this accomplished? The KSA&D marketing team has you covered.

Here are five ways you can work to create a more authentic brand online:

  • Develop a personality for your brand, show consumers a peek behind the scenes and give insight into the team behind your company. The personal touch will
  • Be mission-focused. Consumers want to know what it is that your brand stands for and how it is put into practice.
  • Be responsive. While automated responses may seem like a great time-saver, personal responses to consumer questions and concerns speak volumes and build consumer loyalty
  • Speak to your consumers online more like a person and less like a commercial. Consumers online don’t resonate with overly formal content that reads like an ad. Work to develop a community online by writing in a way consumers can relate and respond to.
  • Build a community. In an ever-evolving social media landscape, it’s more important than ever to connect with consumers on a personal level. Create content that is engaging, incites responses and creates an ongoing narrative with your followers.

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