Healthcare Accessibility Demands Impactful Marketing

October 27, 2020

Competition is fierce. Is your marketing up to the challenge? 

As big-name retailers like CVS and Walmart enter the healthcare market, the competition to maintain and acquire new patients is fierce. In a time where remote access to healthcare and healthcare accessibility is top of mind, ensuring that your practice is ahead of the curve is critical. 

It’s not just about having a solid marketing plan in place. Consumer engagement is key to ensuring your reaching and retaining your patients as more options become available. What can you offer that big retail stores can not? How is your marketing engaging with patients? Are you making their healthcare experience easy and convenient? These types of questions are good ones to start with as you and your team evaluate your marketing strategy. Reaching people where they are will play a key role in how you are able to bring in new patients and maintain those who suddenly have a wider variety of options. 

Increasing Demand For Telehealth Services

2020 has created many challenges for healthcare professionals, among them, the increased demand for telehealth services. Virtual healthcare, while not new to the market, has experienced an explosive demand as more and more individuals are staying at home. While this ease of access creates opportunities for continued healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic, it also poses challenges to those who are not accustomed to the virtual process. 

Offering telehealth services simply and effectively is of the utmost importance and is sure to be a staple of other healthcare providers entering the market. There is a learning curve for telehealth, so clear and consistent communication with patients can help to ease the burden. 

Impactful Patient Experience

Effective communication with current and potential patients is critical, but even more critical is the need to truly put patient-first experiences at the forefront of marketing efforts. Are your emails personalized to the reader? Are you sending a follow-up survey after every visit? Is your website easy to navigate? These questions are important to consider when designing your marketing campaigns. 

Launching digital marketing campaigns, such as social media ads, programmatic campaigns, and email marketing campaigns all work together to provide your patients with ease of access to information and useful resources to ensure an optimal experience. Get ahead of your competition, and contact KSA&D to create a digital marketing campaign today!

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