Improve Your Rankings with Voice Search Optimization

December 6, 2019

As technology continuously evolves so does the way we communicate and find out information. One form of searching out information that has grown increasingly useful is voice search. Through smartphones, tablets, and voice assistant devices there is a range of applications such as Siri, Google Voice, and Cortana that allow users to find everything they are searching on the internet simply by talking. 

Nearly 60% of users are searching on their mobile phones according to Hitwise, and find it easier to use Siri or other voice search apps than typing. In this new world of search, ensuring your website is optimized for voice search is key to improving your rankings and staying relevant to the top search platforms. Here are five ways to optimize your site for voice search:

  • Understand the user intent by researching what people are using voice search to search for on your site.
  • Claim your Google My Business Listing. Doing this lets Google know your business location, phone number, and other pertinent information a user would want to know when searching for your business. A lot of people speak instead of type to do local searches and claiming your business listing will help you come up in the search over your competition.
  • Use Conversational Keywords in your website content. People talk more conversationally with voice search than with traditional text search, and incorporating more of this on your website with long-tail keywords will ensure your website is found in search.
  • Add a FAQ Page. Provide a quality user experience by ensuring your user’s questions are being answered by including an FAQ page by incorporating the conversational keywords.
  • Utilize Structured Data Markup. Structured data gives voice search devices information about your site and content, and is crucial for your site because it allows search engines to accurately find and understand the context of your pages.

KSA&D can optimize your site for voice optimization and increase your rankings. Contact us today!


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