Increase Sales with These Ecommerce Tips to Make Your Holidays Merry and Bright!

November 19, 2020

Ecommerce received an accelerated growth this year, with the pandemic causing most of the world to shop online. With the holidays approaching, this is a huge opportunity to continue to thrive in eCommerce. Follow these tips and best practices to dominate your competition this holiday season.

Preparation is Key

To stand out above your competitors and boost your sales:

  1. Start preparing now for the holiday rush.
  2. Make sure your product inventory is stocked up, especially on popular items and seasonal gifts. 
  3. Create your marketing strategy and promotional materials to get your message across and promote any sales. 
  4. Consider your budget; if you have any marketing spend to spare, use it to your advantage on discounts and offers, and think about your customers and how to appeal to them in this new normal of 2020. 

KSA&D helps several businesses with their marketing strategy and eCommerce platforms, including a local favorite, Josh Early Candies. We worked with Josh Early to clean up the back end of the eCommerce platform they use, ensuring their products and ordering system was optimized for a good customer experience. We employed UI and UX updates including updating their images and put together an email campaign to promote their delicious treats. We can just as easily help prepare you to excel in sales in no time for the holiday season. 

Consider COVID-19 and Choose the Right Channels

Be considerate of COVID-19 still going on. Adjust your website, marketing messaging and offers to ensure safety during the season of giving. Also, choose the right marketing channels to promote your messaging. Use your marketing metrics from last year to help you select the pipeline that will work best for your business as each marketing channel is unique and serves a different kind of audience.

Add Holiday Product Landing Pages

Make your website festive with unique and seasonal landing pages for the products you are selling or have promotions for during this time of year. Having product pages in place for popular items and promotional deals that match your ads will provide a seamless customer experience and increase sales.

Get Ahead of the Game with Promotions and Extend Your Deals

Start your promotions ahead of your competition, but keep the sales going long after your competitors. Many consumers like to get a head start on their shopping, especially if the item must be shipped. After the holidays, whether it’s for a return or there’s gift cards and cash to be spent, people will still be on the hunt for great deals. Continue to beat out your competition after the holidays with extended offers. 

Create Gift Guides, Offer Freebies, and Referrals

Gift guides, freebies with a purchase, and referral offers will entice users to pick you over your competition. Create a page for gift guides, and place the freebies and referral deals on your homepage and specific product pages to increase sales.

Leverage Instagram and Facebook to Post Your Products and Ads

Social media is used more than ever to interact, entertain, and find information on brands and products. Post your ads and products along with testimonials on social media to gain awareness and brand loyalty. 

Find keywords that are product-oriented using your Google Analytics and Google Search Console, and optimize your ads and product pages with these queries to boost your eCommerce SEO. This will drive traffic to your site and increase sales.

Send Out Marketing Emails

Use email as a way to send out your promotions and holiday offers, as well as links to posts and pages on your site to boost SEO traffic. This is a great marketing channel to gain customers out of leads and increase your revenue. 

We know the holidays are a busy time of year, especially when coupled with trying to hit your yearly sales quotas. Don’t be overwhelmed when looking to boost your revenue. Let KSA&D give the gift of return on investment by putting these tactics and best practices in place for you. Contact us today!

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