Mastering the Latest Design Trend: Programmatic and Data-Driven Creative

April 4, 2016

For those behind the latest design trends, programmatic digital and data-driven creative are the newest, and very successful, forms of advertising media. Programmatic is essentially using software to purchase digital advertising, or using machines to buy ads. Data-driven creative is the concept of creative work meets strategic engineering.

Once mastered, these new trends can skyrocket your design and site to new limits.

Here are a few tools to stick by when learning to master programmatic digital and data-driven creative:

Thorough data research leads to creative choices.

Most companies are already taking advantage of customer relationship management, but there are many other tools available as well.

  • Analytics of your site can inform you of the most popular products purchased.
  • Audience data can inform you of the overall demographic and interests of your consumers.
  • Contextual insights about which device, location and media had the highest results for a campaign.
  • Keep in mind that knowing all data that’s readily available will lead to creative results.

Jump on creative agencies from day one.

Unfortunately, creative agencies aren’t usually brought into the campaign until the media strategy is already en route. This can definitely change and will result in a more thorough and productive creative process.

  • Inform the creative agency of all collected data from the beginning of the project.
  • Working with the agency from the start can build more creative strategies and will build a strong foundation for the project.

One big, happy family will give your campaign the advantage.

More often than not, the creative team, the media team and the production team rarely work together.

  • By having these three entities work together on a few ideas, the result can only lead to a more in-depth and creative product. After all, two heads are better than one.
  • By involving creative, media and production together, ongoing communication will occur and will maximize programmatic and data-driven creative.


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