Maximize video advertising: To go long? Or is shorter really better?

April 28, 2016

Television commercials have been the main form of video advertising until internet video ads came into play. 60 second commercials were all the rage and the standard allotted time 50 years ago. Once networks realized that cutting down the run-time could bring in smaller budget clients, they offered shorter commercial times and profited from the 30-second and 15-second options.

Since this early revolution of advertising, 15-second TV ads are 75 percent as effective as 30-second ads and are half the cost. Because ad length is now directly related to cost, 15-second ads are now airing frequently and 60-second ads are a rarity.

Many consumers and researchers believed that internet ads would be the same. Shorter would always win due to the fast-moving pace that internet goers seem to be on. But, this isn’t really the case. There are a few variables that go into the length and success of a video ad: connectivity of the viewer and the story being told, the brand and how it’s incorporated and the importance of connecting length to the brand.

Between 15-second, 30-second and two-minute intervals, 15-second YouTube ads are skipped the most and 30-second ads skipped the least.

Which means that more people chose to watch the two-minute video rather than the 15-second one. The depth of the story being told in the longer video creates a connection with the viewer and the story.

People love a good story. Take advantage of that and incorporate the brand throughout the story. Avoid throwing the brand and logo at the viewer’s face. It’s more relatable to weave the brand throughout the story, making it more of a step in the story being told, not the sole focus.

Depending on the brand, longer may not always be better. Remember who the audience is and how the brand should connect with viewers. Brands that are focusing on awareness can benefit from a shorter ad time. The point is black-and- white, will entice the viewer and will drive viewers to search further into the brand. Contact KSA&D to ensure you maximize your video advertising.

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