Meta Tags Are Still Relevant: Tips on How to Effectively Execute Them

January 29, 2020

One of the most basic elements of SEO are meta tags. They’ve been a staple in search engine history, and are on every SEO practitioner’s radar. While Google no-longer considers meta tags a factor in rankings, they are still just as important as before. Meta tags still play a big part in your website’s SEO.

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are the words you find in the code of your website pages that tell search engines and users what your page content is about. Meta tags help search engines determine what to display in search based on the search criteria from the user, and it helps the user determine if they want to continue in their user journey and click through to your website. Implementing relevant information for each page of your site including main keywords will drive traffic to your website, which is why meta tags are still important and relevant.

The type of tags that you should make sure are in place for each of your site’s pages are title tags, meta descriptions, and alt text tags for your images. Having these in place helps the user know if they are getting the right information they searched for. 

How to Execute Meta Tags Effectively

Title tags: They should be short and to the point, describing the title of your page including the main keywords, and should include your brand name. The length of your title tag should be under 60 characters. Use modifiers, embed long-tail keywords, but don’t keyword stuff, use numbers, and write a unique title for each page of your site.

Meta descriptions: These should summarize what your page is about because it will show in the search results underneath the page title. Keep your meta descriptions between 150-160 characters, and make sure each page description is unique to avoid duplicate content. Include a clear call to action, add any offers or promotions you have, use your main targeted keyword, and write your descriptions with your users in mind.

Alt text tags: Search engines can’t read images so it is important to have alt text tags in place for all of your images. Use informative file names that are short, clear, and to the point. Use an optimal file size for images, and keep text to 55 characters.

Meta Tags are still important for SEO. If you need assistance crafting your titles and descriptions, reach out to us, we’d love to help!

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