Why Your Business Needs a Professional Social Media Manager

July 10, 2019

Social media is a critical part of your business’s marketing strategy. Ensuring that you are making the most of your content is a critical first step to reaching potential clients, customers, and vendors. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the rules of social media marketing are constantly in flux and for many companies, creating the right content can seem like a daunting task.

This is where a professional Social Media Manager comes in. Dedicated to staying ahead of the trends and the changes to the social media platforms, a Social Media Manager is the gatekeeper of your business online. 

What role does a professional Social Media Manager play in your business?

  • Writes engaging, relevant copy that speaks to your specific audience on a specific platform.
  • Creates or curates visually appealing photos, graphics, and videos. 
  • Researches and develops relevant, trending hashtags to use on appropriate platforms. 
  • Creates and manages paid advertising campaigns. 
  • Handles customer service and community management.
  • Manages social listening platforms to learn what is being said about your brand or product online. 
  • Develops content management timelines and paid advertising campaign schedules. 
  • Analyzes and reports on social content metrics.  
  • Stays ahead of trending topics and creates appropriate content.

All of this and more encompasses the role a social media manager can play in your business. Social media managers are the digital gatekeepers of your business, they are the employees who can see a problem or potential topic online that your company can address ahead of time. 

Interested in social media management and content creation for your business? We’d love to chat!


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