Quarantined – Why digital marketing is more relevant than ever for home delivery

April 13, 2020

By now any business deemed non-essential has either closed or is operating remotely, and you, your employees, families, and friends are staying at home. As more and more mandates are put into place to slow the spread of COVID-19, home delivery is the ideal option for keeping up on supplies and food needed, and digital marketing is more relevant than ever to promote home delivery services.

With quarantines in place, people are looking to purchase goods they need online and are looking for deals, offers, and the information they want through emails, social media, and Google searches. If your business is providing home delivery, utilize digital marketing to appeal to your audiences by first and foremost making sure your website has a strong online presence.

How to make sure your online presence is strong:

  • Make sure your website is optimized for SEO – implement easy navigation, meta tags, sitemaps, 301 redirects, image alt tags, and duplicate content control relevant to your website.
  • Utilize relevant keywords in your website content
  • Create a blog for your website
  • Run a PPC campaign and monitor keywords with Google Adwords

When your website is in good shape, use social media channels to your advantage to get your audience’s attention, and promote your products and services. 

Social media practices to help gain leads and create more brand awareness:

  • Use eye-catching images, and creative videos
  • Post offers and loyalty programs
  • Respond to your customer’s inquiries and feedback

The power of email and text message:

Emails and text message notifications are a great way to keep your customers informed of their orders and deliveries. Both are a reliable source to provide offerings, and details on your products and services. Why you should use email and SMS marketing:

  • Sending text notifications is useful to reach your audience in a timely manner.
  • Customized emails are useful to get long-term offers or new deals to your customers
  • Providing information to customers about orders and deliveries through multiple platforms increases customer retention

While more people quarantine at home during this pandemic, digital marketing is a key factor for your business when offering home delivery. Implement the above mentioned digital marketing practices to ensure your messaging, products, and services are being seen. 

Turn to our marketing team to implement an effective digital marketing strategy for your business.

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