Quick Guide: Gaining Social Media Followers

October 17, 2016

Having social media for your brand in 2016 and going into 2017 is a must, but what makes people follow or unfollow you? The first step for having a successful social media presence online is to understand your audience and how to engage them to gain social media followers.

Knowing what users like and do not like will make or break your social media presence. It can even affect your potential clients and future marketing efforts.

Here are the top five actions users find annoying on social media, according to Sprout Social:

  1.  Posting too many promotions
  2.  Using slang
  3.  Not having any personality on the account
  4.  Trying to be funny when they are not
  5.  Not replying to messages quickly

These actions can be the push to make a user unfollow your brand. In efforts to avoid this, your brand must have a balance of promotional content, language, tone and be very responsive. Trying too hard can also have a negative affect and push your users into the hands of a competitor.

Your brand’s personality can make all the difference. This means having entertaining content rather than just straight ads or promotions. Have fun with it and your social media followers will be sure to stick around and even tell their followers to add your brand.

Top actions that make people want to follow your brand on social media:

  1.  Interested in products/services
  2.  They are entertaining
  3.  Offered an incentive
  4.  Interested in their industry
  5.  To communicate with the brand

In the same breath, these five actions can be why users unfollow your brand. Come up with a strategy that works well for your brand after trial and error.

Find a nice balance to accommodate a variety of social media followers and engage them. This will allow your brand to create more of a human element and tone to relate to the users. It will increase the chances of building a better relationship and bring in more clients or customer to your brand, and gain new and loyal followers.

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