Taking Advantage of the Messy Middle to Grow Online Sales

August 13, 2020

The customer buying journey is exactly that, a journey. From the research you find on a search engine like Google, to social media influencers and website reviews, the process of buying from the initial inspiration to the purchase can be messy. 

The messy middle gets its name from the action between the trigger to look into a product and the purchase of that product. In an online environment, buyers face an abundance of choices and endless information. Learning how to make sense of the thought process buyers go through with all of this information during the messy middle is vital to understand your potential customers and gain those online sales.

What exactly happens in the messy middle?

In the messy middle, people look for information on products they are interested in and then weigh their options with the information they find. Exploration and evaluation are the two main pillars in the messy middle that buyers go through to make their purchasing decisions. Buyers repeat this cycle as often as they need to and eventually make their decision from cognitive biases.

The messy middle is where you either win or lose the customer. When you work with KSA&D, we take the time to understand your customer’s purchasing behaviors. We implement the best marketing practices to track these behaviors and research what will help the buyer choose your business to drive your online sales. 

On top of making sure your e-commerce site is fully optimized to gain the conversions and sales you’re expecting, we help you achieve your goals by succeeding in the messy middle with these tactics:

Ensure Brand Presence:

We help make your brand visible through digital marketing efforts such as social media, SEO & SEM, Email marketing, and more. These practices help buyers remember your products and services while they explore through the messy middle.

Use Behavior Science Principles:

We use marketing best practices to implement the most current and relevant behavior science principles to help make your products and services compelling to consumers during their buying journey.

Close the Gap Between Trigger and Purchase:

We put the best content marketing tactics in place to help make your brand stand out and be more noticeable over your competition to help grow online sales.

Start working with KSA&D today to help increase your online sales.

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