The Shift Keywords Have Taken with the Latest Google Updates

October 19, 2020

Keywords play an essential role in SEO, but within the last decade, that role, along with digital marketing, has changed. Throw the old SEO rule book out the window. The cookie-cutter template to have Google rank your content is no more. 

Google updated its algorithm several times in the past few years. Stuffing your page content, title tag, and meta description with keywords no longer helps boost your rankings.  What will drive traffic to your site is writing content that provides an exceptional user experience to the searcher. 

When writing content for your website, instead of jamming in as many relevant keywords as possible, your thought process should answer the search query. This comes back to the role keywords play; thinking of keywords more as queries or searches instead of singular terms for your content will help it flow more naturally. Natural conversation is what Google looks for, and is what will help drive traffic to your site.

KSA&D’s approach to answering queries naturally is to utilize tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We analyze what our client’s users are searching for and then implement answers to them when creating content strategies. The keywords associated with the search are naturally added to the content this way. Providing a solution instead of keyword stuffing helps Google choose your site over your competition. 

Keep up with the Joneses and use the new way to include keywords through naturally answering search queries. KSA&D’s creative marketing team can help with content management and digital marketing strategies. Get in touch today.

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