The Show Can Still Go On: Virtually!

September 21, 2020

Cancellations and postponements have come to be expected as we continue through 2020, and trade shows are no exception. With the opportunity to network, build relationships, create leads, and generate revenue, trade shows are pretty crucial to businesses and industries. Still, there’s no exact date and time when we can mingle in more massive crowds again, but not having trade shows for the foreseeable future is simply not an option. 

What’s the Solution to In-person Cancellations?

It’s simple. Go virtual, and have your business benefit by adapting to the changing times with an online trade show. It beats burying your head in the sand and losing on ROI. With a virtual option, you’ll still get the face-to-face interaction through virtualization, and you can leverage digital marketing to reach leads that you may not have gotten at an in-person trade show. 

How Will You Benefit from a Virtual Trade Show?

Going online will save on money for attendees and hosts, and you’ll more than likely get more people to sign up, meaning more leads for your business. You’ll also be able to capture more data on your attendees through analytics, be able to extend your trade show as long as you want it to go, and interact easily with attendees. These are the many benefits of going virtual.

How Do You Go Virtual?

If you’re not sure of how to get started with your virtual trade show, KSA&D will help update your website or create a microsite showcasing your trade show for you. As specialists in digital marketing, website development, and design, your exhibits, workshops, and seminars will succeed through a tailored digital marketing strategy and website optimization.

KSA&D worked with Ultraflex, Inc., to get their trade show event online by designing and developing a microsite featuring their virtual shows. Not only was the trade show fully integrated into Microsoft Teams for easy conferencing, but lead generation was also implemented directly into Ultraflex’s CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365.  Paid social media and Google Ads, along with email marketing and SEO best practices, have been put in place to gain awareness for the trade show and generate leads for Ultraflex. 

Don’t let this bump in the road of unprecedented time hinder your business. Turn to a digital solution that is highly effective through digital marketing initiatives and backed by results through analytics.

Strive to succeed and set up a virtual trade show with KSA&D, and be sure to check out UltraFlex’s virtual trade show here!

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