Think Outside the YouTube Box

March 14, 2016

YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. It only makes sense to upload content to its one billion users. But, if making the video venue plunge, why not utilize more than just YouTube?

YouTube has been extremely popular for years. But, more recently, video-based social media outlets are driving up the competition.

Between Facebook and Snapchat, the possibilities for your content are endless.

Most of these venues are social media outlets that you’re, hopefully, already utilizing. Take advantage of what’s already yours and use these venues to their fullest potential.

A mass audience and auto-play are only a few benefits of video share on Facebook. With one billion people on the site, it’s important to create engaging media so the video is shared over and over again. Auto-play is also a huge benefit because your users only need to scroll to experience your content. To start, you can always pay to increase viewers and have your video sponsored.

Take advantage of the short play time and 300 million users on Instagram by uploading engaging videos. Because the user knows that Instagram videos are limited to 15 seconds, they are more likely to view your content. Instagram now allows advertisements to include hyperlinks so users can access your site straight from social media content.

Snapchat is fairly new to the advertising game, but is paving the way for video content in new ways. With it’s 200 million users, Snapchat is attempting to persuade advertisers to adapt to vertical video share rather than landscape-oriented content. Although this may take some effort and change, the hard work will pay off. Snapchat has made it clear that their vertical videos are viewed more than their landscape videos.

The possibilities of video share are endless. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat only cover a few of the potential sites that you can gain viewers from. Share your content to all available sites, especially those that you are already utilizing. Rely on KSA&D to share your videos. Contact us today for our creative services.

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