Understanding the Digital Customer Journey – Part 1 of 4: Motivations

February 26, 2019

The “WHY”–Motivation Behind Customer’s Actions

In order to market a product effectively, it is crucial to understand the customers’ motivations and actions throughout their experience with a brand’s website. A high-level purchase funnel helps marketers understand where customers are along the conversion journey.  However, it is limited in providing insight about why customers took the actions they did at various points throughout their website experience. Utilizing Customer Journey Mapping helps to explain the path of actions and emotional experiences a customer undergoes when interacting with a brand’s website.

How Content Management Systems Are Used

KSA&D offers extensive experience with Sitecore, its preferred Content Management System (CMS). KSA&D developers continuously expand their knowledge of Sitecore through ongoing certifications and trainings. The use of Sitecore allows KSA&D to provide an exemplary website that promotes a positive customer journey for their customers. It is critical for your brand to cater to the way in which your customers interact with your website with the goals of a positive experience, more conversions, and ultimately increased revenue.

Mapping the Journey

When mapping out a customer journey, there are four metrics that should be considered to determine their overall experience with your website.  Over the next four weeks, KSA&D will be walking you through these four metrics and their importance in the customer journey map framework.

First, there are two important questions that must be answered:   (1) Where are your customers coming from? and (2) What are the motivations that brought them to your website? Whether it is frustration, excitement, or anticipation, there are various emotions that can trigger motivations for a user to visit a website.

Acquisition Tracking

Understanding the emotions and decisions that ultimately drive consumer actions can help marketers make business decisions that lead to increased conversions. The metric we pair with motivations is acquisition tracking. Understanding what drove a user to visit your site will help to develop an understanding of which efforts are working, and which are not.

Collecting and analyzing data from all marketing efforts is critical with regard to determining which efforts are leading to conversions so that resources are allocated appropriately.  

Leveraging the Data

When marketers know which efforts have been successful, customer’s journeys and interactions on your website become clear and, therefore, can be leveraged for your brand.  

Stay tuned

Check back again next week when we will cover phase two of mapping out a customer journey:  Engagement.

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