Use SEM to Your Advantage to Gain a Positive Brand Impression and Increase Your ROI

June 25, 2021

First impressions can be a big deal. Whether it’s meeting someone for the first time, college applications, a job interview, or getting your business noticed online, the same principle applies. You want to stand out and wow your audience to be liked and be a success. 

While the first three examples are just as crucial in making an excellent first impression, getting your business noticed online is the main topic of discussion in this article. Using search engine marketing (SEM) to your advantage will help you achieve that success. 

SEM is executed through paid advertising. The paid ad is listed at the top of a search engine or through display advertising, where your target audience would see your ad on different popular websites. These types of ads serve as the first impression of your business branding because you are paying to get the exposure right away instead of waiting for your website to be indexed by search engines organically.

It sounds simple enough — you pay for an online ad, and it gives your business brand awareness — but you want to make sure the ads you put online get you the good impression, which in turn brings you ROI. KSA&D ensures that happens for our clients by working together to create a search engine marketing strategy that will guarantee success. 

The first step of the strategy is to enter into an ad auction, and this is a must to have an ad show up in search engine results. Next, our marketing team works with our clients to identify the keywords they want to target and how much they are willing to spend per click on each keyword. Then, we take the time to research and provide recommendations on what would work best to help our clients achieve a successful campaign. 

Google will then determine if you’ve entered into the ad auction, which is based on whether the keywords you bid on are within a user’s search query. Once you are entered, it is not a complete guarantee that the keyword you are targeting will win the bidding in the ad auction and display your ad. The maximum amount you are willing to bid and the quality score of your ad are two factors that determine if your ad will show up in the search results. 

Our marketing team takes the time to do the research to target the right keywords at the proper budget to help win the bid. We then creatively and strategically craft ad messaging to generate positive brand awareness, clicks, and conversions. Doing those things and having a relevant landing page that the ad takes you to is what delivers a high-quality score to get your ad shown. 

Throughout our client’s campaigns, we also consistently monitor the campaign and recommend any messaging or keyword adjustments and budgeting that would help increase the campaign’s success. Our team also provides a comprehensive report of the campaign metrics every month, and we go over it in detail to keep our clients apprised of how well their campaigns are performing. 

Contact KSA&D to initiate an SEM campaign. We’ll make a lasting impression on your business.

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