Why Should You Be Using Sitecore? Eight Benefits from a Marketing Perspective

May 23, 2016

Sitecore Experience Platform is a software technology through Amex Technologies that enhances and upgrades business sites.

The program is easy to navigate for users and has received awards and recognition for it’s leading technology and development.

Here are a few more reasons as to why looking into Sitecore can boost your business:

1.  User Interface

  • The UI is intuitive and easy to navigate for the user which makes for easy optimization of personalizing a site.
  • Sitecore is a digital asset management platform. The program integrates channels, databases and tools which are all personalized for the user.

2. Content Editors

  • They make the job easy for the user by analyzing existing content.
  • Through multiple tests and ranking, content editors will enhance the site solely based on personalized facts.

3. Social Networking

  • From the program, social networking sites will provide additional information on visitors.
  • This information will then personalize the experience for the site visitor, make them feel comfortable and will then, hopefully, frequent the site.

4. Cutting-edge

  • Sitecore is built on the newest, shiniest technology through Microsoft 2.0. This enables the program to be easily integrated into any business site.
  • It can also be run through any browser and is easily adapted by the user.

5. Easy-to- use for International Clients

  • Allows users to work in their native language, making them feel comfortable and unintimidated by the program.
  • Sitecore can then use the language translation technology to communicate with other users.

6. Customization

  • Sitecore is so easy to customize that the user can do so right out of the box.
  • The program can allow integration with third parties. Setting up versioning, approval control, notifications, publishing, etc. is extremely easy to adapt to.

7. Customer Analytics

  • Sitecore can track individual visitors of a site and connect the data collected to provide a comprehensive demographic of a site’s activity.
  • This can lead to marketing insights and assist in enhancing the site and targeting users.

8. Web Framework

  • Sitecore is more than just a management program. It’s a web framework which allows the user to create reusable site components in one place.
  • All of these can be assembled across multiple sites.

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