Video SEO Is Your New Best Friend

January 29, 2016

It’s no secret that YouTube is extremely successful when it comes to search engine optimization. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Here are a few tips to follow on video SEO:

No field gets left behind

When it comes to video content, the title, description, annotation, etc. are all taken into account. Filling those fields can only help you, even reposting the video’s URL is helpful. It allows users to easily share the video to other social media outlets. Be certain to describe to the user what exactly they’ll be learning from the video. Why should they be watching your video compared to someone else’s? Make the description short and sweet, it should be clear what the takeaway will be from the content.

Don’t settle for bootleg quality

Anyone can shoot a video on their smartphone, but quality is what will improve your SEO. Spending some money on production quality of the video can be beneficial. Now that video is so present online, resources are always available. Whether it be paying someone to shoot the video or to edit the content, think of the expense as more of an investment. If your video isn’t mirroring modern technology, be certain that users will look to other sites to watch that content.

Make mobile your priority

Although not all videos are ideal for mobile usage, it’s important to realize that most users are getting their content while on-the-go. Focusing on making that video mobile adaptable is only going to boost that SEO even more.
Take a look at some non-mobile friendly sites while using your mobile and take note of how unsightly and frustrating it is. Users will not be patient for non-mobile friendly video content. Receiving news on mobile devices is only going to continue to increase. Be mindful of that when planning your video production.

Make a date with your users

It might not seem important to stick to a schedule, but many users look forward to that consistency. Famous YouTubers are known for being devoted to that schedule. Uploading videos at random every few months won’t do your business any good; uploading every week or every two weeks is ideal.

Keep ‘em coming back for more

Remember that anything your site or business produces can link to your video content if you choose to do so. By placing widgets on your website, business cards, etc., users are more inclined to search your content.
Making it easy for your users to navigate through social media is important as well. Creating playlists and channels for your content can only make for happy users.



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