Welcome 2021 with New SEO Practices

January 18, 2021

The new year is about welcoming change, and in the world of SEO, change is never-ending. While we learned to change for different reasons in 2020, 2021’s changes will be better, like the following SEO practices that KSA&D is already using for our clients. 

Focus More on the User’s Search Intent

Focusing more on the user’s search intent is beneficial as Google’s search algorithms continue to evolve. When a user goes to Google, their search is usually to answer a question or learn about something. Understanding the why of a user’s search benefits you by providing content on your site that offers the answer or information the user is seeking. Focusing more on the search results will help you win out over your competition.

Use Behavioral Analytics to Your Benefit

Behavioral Analytics is more pertinent now than keyword research. Understanding what your customers are doing on your site can help uncover content you may not discover in keyword research. Knowing your customer’s behavior on your site allows you to provide valuable content that will help the user in their customer journey on your site.

Track Your Brand’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) Through Knowledge Graphs

Tracking brand SERPs in a Google Knowledge Graph is becoming more of the norm in SEO. Optimizing your brand’s digital presence, not just your website, but social media profiles, images, YouTube channels, and more, help you get featured more in SERPs. Making sure all of these entities tell a good story for your brand helps you rank higher. Establishing a Google Knowledge Graph by optimizing your digital presence and becoming relevant on knowledge bases like Wikidata will allow you to track your brand’s SERPs. 

Optimize for Page Experience

Core Web Vitals are a new report in Google Search Console, and now a ranking factor for Google, where they take page experience into account on your website’s pages. Including page experience in your SEO optimization will help improve UX, conversions, website performance, and rankings. Page speed, mobile responsiveness, rendering, image optimization, and security are taken into account with Core Web Vitals. Optimizing for page experience to make sure users feel good coming to your site will outrank your competition.

Focus on Your Mobile Site Performing Well

Google has transitioned to mobile-first indexing, where Google will look to your mobile site to rank pages. Making sure your website is performing well for mobile searches should be a focal point. Ensuring your site is mobile responsive will provide a seamless user experience for your customers as well. 

Build Strong Page Structure and Schema Markup

Another change Google is launching in 2021 is Google Passage Ranking. This allows Google to find passages on a web page related to the user’s search and rank it for that particular passage. Making sure your page structure and schema markups are healthy, will help you rank higher for Passage Ranking.

Create Long-Form Content

Publishing long-form content on your site will also help you outrank your competition. The content should appeal to Google’s EAT guidelines, which stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Providing accurate content that people can trust gains loyalty from your users and helps you rank higher with Google. 

Put these SEO practices for 2021 to good use, or let KSA&D’s marketing team take care of it for you to prosper in the new year. Contact us today!

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