Why paying attention to your local SEO reviews can make or break your business

August 15, 2016

Of course every business owner, and consumer for that matter, is aware that customer reviews and reputation is important. But, since the age of the internet has made these reviews 100 percent accessible, it’s important to stay on top of them with local SEO.

Prior to the internet, a business’ reputation came straight from the mouth of the consumer. Someone would recommend a restaurant or dentist to someone else and new clientele would be generated. Because the internet exists, reviews are much more abundant and accessible to anyone, current and future clientele. It’s important to maintain a sense of control over these reviews.

ReviewJump is a web app in which businesses can easily solicit customer review and provides a platform where business owners can deal with negative reviews before they hit the public. Although funneling these reviews is important, ReviewJump is really helpful when it comes to gaining customer reviews.

The impact of reviews of a business is huge on local search engine optimization rankings. Research is clear, the more reviews you have, the higher your business lands on a local SEO ranking.

Most companies are biting the bullet and just accepting their reviews organically. By taking control of these reviews, it can provide your company with a competitive edge over competing businesses.

Reputation truly does affect revenue of a business, that’s clear with local SEO ratings. By boosting those reviews, a business will generate more traffic and will result in more clientele.

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