Zoom Fatigue is Real – Here’s How You Can Overcome It

June 29, 2020

After several months of remote work, there are some unexpected adjustments we’ve all had to make. Among them is the phenomenon of coping with “Zoom fatigue” as remote working environments take the place of in-person meetings. While we at KSA&D love our furry friends, it can be stressful to balance a barking dog, an important call, and being on camera during our meetings. Zoom fatigue, while a relatively new challenge for most workers, does have some solutions. Here are a few tips to help you overcome Zoom fatigue. 

Pivot away from strictly on-camera calls 

Being on camera not only makes us hyper-aware of our own expressions and video stream, but it is also much harder for us to pick up on the nonverbal cues of those we are talking to. With delays in video and limited view of your teammates or clients, the Zoom setting can quickly become overwhelming. Ditch the added stress and make on-camera calls optional unless they are absolutely necessary. Services like Go To Meeting, which our team uses and loves, allows participants to call in, while still having the ability to see shared screens or those who do choose to be on camera. 

Schedule in breaks between calls

Being on camera all day can be mentally taxing. While it’s not always possible, scheduling in breaks between on-screen meetings can ease the burden on your eyes. Schedule breaks to walk away from your computer, or to focus on another task, which gives your eyes the break they need to keep Zoom fatigue (and general computer fatigue!) at bay. 

Make sure your workspace is separated from your living space

While it’s tempting to work from home in your favorite pair of sweatpants when it comes to video calls and work-related tasks, keeping your environments separate can help ward off some of the fatigue. With office workers adjusting to working from home, the line between work and personal life can get blurry. While we would absolutely love to see your pets on-screen, keeping your video chat background clean and clear of things that collide with your personal life helps create a divide between work and home. That said, we really do want to see your pets! 

Communicate openly with your team

Truly, staving off Zoom fatigue comes down to this. Communicate openly and honestly with your teammates and with your management teams to check in on how hours of on-camera meetings are impacting you, both mentally and emotionally. The focus required for Zoom meetings can get in the way of more productive tasks, so make sure you receive some prioritization from your team on what video calls are really essential. 

Get off your butt and meet us in person!

Don’t worry, we’ll bring the masks and hand sanitizer! If you’re comfortable getting out of the house (or just need a break from sitting in your living room), come meet our team in person! We’d be happy to chat over a socially distanced coffee break or outdoor lunch. We’re taking every precaution to keep our team and our clients safe, so if you’re ready to kick your cabin fever, grab your hand sanitizer and let’s do this!

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