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AESCULAP Implant Systems approached KSA&D with a request we can’t hear often enough: “We need creative thinking.” To which KSA&D calmly replied, “Of course!”

AESCULAP needed to introduce themselves and their Minimally Invasive Surgery to a notoriously tough crowd to impress. Doctors. Physicians. Surgeons. Not just any surgeons. Spine surgeons.

They wanted creative ways to reach, impress and make an impact on this audience. To have these surgeons recognize the real people behind the brand and its products. To look every millimeter like the leader AESCULAP is (they invented the tools and technology they want surgeons to use—including developing the training for doctors to perform MIS.)

The answer was developing product literature that embraced design and production uniqueness at every turn, all while following ironclad corporate guidelines. An unusual size and format; a die-cut that reinforced and replicated the curvature of the spine; resonant illustration showing the span from medical history to the most innovative surgical methods and technologies in existence; and, beyond-the-ordinary printing techniques including soft aqueous coating and spot varnish.

AESCULAP Implant Systems introduced itself as real people, consummately professional, endlessly innovative and passionately connected to meeting the needs of surgeons and their patients. A leader in MIS solutions, exactly like the company itself.

AESCULAP, Inc. is part of B. Braun, a global, family-owned organization that is committed to providing high quality, innovative products, and services to all surgical disciplines, with a particular focus in the fields of general, neurology, spine and orthopedics.

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