App Development & Direct Mail Marketing

St. Luke’s keeps their patients in mind as they create their app. This easy to use app is the latest in healthcare technology. With convenient features that allow patients to find a doctor that is perfect for them, video visits and locations of close by walk-in centers. This app is useful for people of all ages! Using an app is stress-free and saves time compared to the traditional way of scheduling appointments and finding a doctor.

App Development

KSA&D loved the idea of an app for St. Luke’s as soon as they heard about it. Finally, a solution to those already hectic doctors appointments! KSA&D has teamed up with St. Luke’s to help make this app launch run smoothly. KSA&D had a few ideas in order to help this app be as successful as possible. First, we designed a mailer direct mail marketing piece that included a detailed guide to help people understand what the app would entail. The mailer has graphics and easy to follow descriptions of the apps features to give a preview of the beneficial aspects this app has to offer. These mailers were sent to employees and a random selection of patients.

This helped spread the word about the app to ensure the launch would be a success. KSA&D also developed an app landing page to help spread awareness and understanding about the St. Luke’s app. This page offers an interactive tutorial that walks people through each feature of the app. Seeing how to visually use the app clears up any confusion there might be and helps patients use the app correctly and confidently.