App Promotion & Direct Mail Marketing

After creating a new mobile app, St. Luke’s partnered with KSA&D to ensure the product’s launch was as successful as possible. The app was meant to save patients time and energy in scheduling appointments or finding health care options (finally, a way to make doctor’s appointments a little less hectic!). However, St. Luke’s wanted to guarantee that patients knew how to download and use the app—which is where KSA&D came in.

App Development

To promote the product, we created a two-part marketing campaign. First, we developed a landing page to help spread awareness and understanding about the St. Luke’s App. Available at the URL, this page directs users to a tutorial specific to their type of device. The tutorial then walks the user through the different features in an easy-to-understand manner, and also provides convenient links to download the app.

Along with the landing page, we designed a direct mail marketing piece, too. This mailer incorporated a similar detailed guide, with graphics and clear descriptions of the features to demonstrate the beneficial aspects the product had to offer. These mailers were sent to employees and patients to spread the word about the app. The visual aids on both the landing page and the mailer provided greater clarity and understanding. As a result, patients learned to use the app correctly and confidently, ultimately allowing the St. Luke’s App to gain traction and enter the marketplace with a bang.