Arbor Insurance Group

Arbor Insurance Group has been serving the residents and businesses of the Lehigh Valley for the past 50 years. Since then, Arbor has remained committed to their clients and customers by making sure they are their number one priority. After hopping from agency to agency trying to find the personal attention and strategic business partner they needed, Arbor Insurance Group was relieved to find KSA&D – who were ready for any challenge!



Personal and business insurance marketing is a very competitive market with a lot of big players (Geico, Progressive, etc) with even bigger budgets, especially in the digital space. KSA&D recommended focusing on a few core revenue drivers from both personal and business insurance. By selecting only a few areas of focus this allowed KSA&D to more accurately gauge success without breaking the bank. This method would allow KSA&D to be able to react to data and be flexible with our strategies. In addition, KSA&D also recommended going after location terms – the big companies would not focus on the communities where Arbor’s target audience lives and works.

After just a few months, KSA&D was able to see success in keyword ranking and more importantly, positioning above competitors. With one year of SEO strategy and implementation, KSA&D was able to increase sessions 120% from the previous year, 109% unique users and 80% of the keywords identified as very important were displayed on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).