Corporate Literature

Great design brings a brand’s DNA to striking, colorful life, communicating key messages visually and resonating with the audience. KSA&D excels at really great design. Yes, we do think rather highly of ourselves in this department.

Case in point: Asbury Carbons. The company has been in the carbon/graphite raw materials distribution industry for more than a century. With a history that extensive, it’s brand and leadership position was already solidified with current and prospective customers. KSA&D’s assignment was to escalate the company’s image by updating the corporate literature, so Asbury’s marketing materials would graphically mesh with the brand identity it has worked diligently to build over the years.

To update Asbury’s brand, we began by designing a stylized, high-impact graphic based on carbon’s molecular structure. This graphic became the company’s new brand identity, appearing consistently throughout its new marketing materials and website. KSA&D then established a set of visual branding standards for the company’s product literature, promotional items, trade show, and all other identity-related corporate literature

These included color branding so key products and utilizations (such as aluminum/metal lubricants or friction products) would each have its own singular color palette. Metallic inks and varnishes were employed to reinforce important qualities, such as manufacturing precision. See for yourself!

The set of branding standards carefully developed by KSA&D eliminated the disconnect between Asbury Carbon’s image and identity, increasing the graphite and carbon company’s dominance in its unique industry.

For more than a century, Asbury Carbons has supplied quality carbon and graphite products for use in a wide range of industrial applications worldwide, including friction materials, lubricants, fuel cells, cast metals, drilling, paints, coatings and backfill.

Asbury Carbons is one of the many companies we’ve helped solidify their brand identity through design, marketing, and web development. Reach out to us for our creative services.

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