WordPress Website Design and Development

KSA&D worked with ATAS International to complete an exciting website redesign that took the ATAS International brand to the next level. With a fresh, modern look and updated navigation, KSA&D delivered a stunning website to our client.

An innovative manufacturer of metal panels, roof systems, and more, ATAS International has made a significant impact on its market.

As a company that offers metal products internationally, ATAS needed a website to demonstrate its reputation as an industry leader and continue to draw in more customers.  The first step was to redesign the site for a cleaner and sleeker look. KSA&D created a fully custom WordPress design that made it much more modern.

The changes included adding more visual interest with pictures and slideshows, easier-to-read typeface, and an updated navigation menu.  One of the most important features of the new site is that it is fully responsive to accommodate for various devices, a necessity in a cross-device digital society.

In addition to this relaunch, ATAS asked KSA&D to add custom functionality features.  To address this challenge, KSA&D created ways for users to have the best possible experience with ATAS, and make that experience unique from other industry competitors.

Part of this initiative was to include an easy way to find the desired products. In addition to having easy navigation to the various products ATAS offers through the menu, KSA&D also integrated an online product catalog. Users can flip through the company’s catalog and simply click on the catalog item to be directed to a page for the actual product. Furthermore, KSA&D created a state of the art product lookup tools for the users who knew what they wanted already.  Part of this goal was to help ATAS involved streamlining the creation of project submittals for construction plans.

For this purpose, KSA&D created the ATAS Submittal Builder. This tool guides users through the process of making a submittal of their product line by helping to gather all the necessary information for the document.  These features, along with the new and improved site design, helped ATAS’ sales process, and further built their reputation for meeting their client’s needs—both on and offline.

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