Brand Development

At Uncle Flint’s, survival of the fittest isn’t just a saying, it’s a lifestyle. The family-run business sells survival kits for any situation, whether it be backpacking, fishing, or even just everyday life. Filled with items like matches, pocket knives, military issue toilet tissue and more, Uncle Flint’s encourages people to expect the unexpected with quality products, just in case. Following through on that guarantee of quality, they approached KSA&D with a mission to help them update their brand.

Uncle Flint’s offered KSA&D an attempt at the “unexpected,” by allowing the opportunity to do a complete revamp of its branding. Like KSA&D’s creative director Erin stated, “It’s not every day a client walks in and says, ‘I need everything.’” This “everything” included tasks that ranged from creating a new logo to designing and developing a new website.

Since it is an e-commerce site, it also meant translating our ideas through the Woocommerce program and carrying the new look throughout the product designs: creating new labels, packaging and icons for each product.

Ultimately, Uncle Flint’s wanted to offer consumers a product that could compete with their survivalist rivals, like Man vs Wild’s Bear Grylls. However, they also didn’t want to re-brand in such a drastic way that would jeopardize the following they had already established.

With KSA&D’s help, they were able to achieve both of these goals. Uncle Flint’s is gaining presence in more mainstream markets (like Amazon), and has a new and improved website with a plethora of modern looking, aesthetically appealing products for your every “just in case” need.

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