Find Compassionate Evidence-Based Care on the Newly Designed St. Luke’s Neurosciences Site

Neurological conditions are common and treatable, especially at St. Luke’s Center for Neurosciences, where skilled specialists provide the highest quality of compassionate care to their patients. St. Luke’s wanted to serve some of that high-quality care to their Neurosciences website to make it more user-friendly, and KSA&D gladly rose to the request to grant St. Luke’s redesign wishes providing modernized recommendations. 

Keeping with the St. Luke’s brand, KSA&D treated the new Neurosciences website with a rotating billboard on the homepage and added essential links to the right-hand side. These links, such as make an appointment, are meant to act as a call to action {CTA} making it easy for users to schedule and also help St. Luke’s gain more patients. The news section on the homepage was updated to be more visual with enhanced images. 

KSA&D styled each of the internal pages to be more modern and more comfortable to navigate. The updated navigation bar includes a hover treatment that shows all of the inner pages in a convenient dropdown. New neurosciences-related images now span the top of the pages in full width, giving a clean, modernized look and feel. The Make an Appointment, Meet Our Team, and News links on the right side of the page, along with the list of subpages in the left column, make it incredibly easy to navigate the site to find what you’re looking for. 

Also, we added a Support page to provide educational and outreach information along with clinical trials. The Conditions and Services, Meet Our Team, and Locations pages have all been cleaned up to give a less-cluttered user experience. 

KSA&D transformed the St. Luke’s Neurosciences website into a more user-friendly and modern-looking site. Users seeking medical assistance on neurological matters will have no problem finding the information they need on the site, thanks to our creative design and development teams. Please take a look at some of the other fantastic work we’ve done on website design and development

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