Brand Development - First Jersey Credit Union

Think saving money is kid stuff?

First Jersey Credit Union did, and they wanted KSA&D to help kids move money out of their piggy banks and into First Jersey savings accounts.

Since you’re never too young to start building a banking relationship and have fun doing it, we developed “Mighty Savers.”  The campaign was designed, from character concepts to the fonts chosen, to attract the youth market to First Jersey through brochures, passbooks, membership cards and statement stuffers.

KSA&D created the “Mighty Savers” characters and logo to make banking fun—and rewarding—for kids, teens and their parents. The illustrated action figures are intended to give young savers a hands-on feeling of their own super powers for saving. First Jersey strategically placed POC elements in children’s areas in branch lobbies where they were sure to visually stand out and attract attention.

But the “Mighty Savers Club” is much more than an enticing design. The campaign explains financial concepts and the benefits and rewards of saving in terms children can understand. They get motivated to start saving at an early age. They also got a free gift. (You’re never too young for that, either.) As a result of the campaign, First Jersey saw a mighty increase in new accounts and in deposits to youth accounts.

Founded in 1929 (and a KSA&D client since 2006), First Jersey Credit Union has grown and flourished to become one of the largest credit unions in New Jersey. First Jersey meets the growing and changing financial needs of its member by delivering state-of-the-art financial services through a friendly, personalized and high-value environment.