Web Design - UI/UX

KSA&D was excited to work with Fragrance Manufacturing Inc to create a new, custom Wordpress website to create a more organized and visually appealing site.

Fragrance Manufacturing Inc’s position as a contract manufacturer requires specialized messaging to target desired audiences. Rather than marketing finished products directly to consumers in a B2C format, FMI creates, manufactures, and fills products for other companies’ distribution.

As an organization that helps other businesses streamline their manufacturing, FMI needed a website to help similarly streamline their internet traffic—that’s where KSA&D steps in.

FMI’s capabilities allow it to get white label products on the market as quickly as possible, and KSA&D worked to highlight that ability. KSA&D created a new, custom Wordpress site for FMI. Most of the major changes were made in the organization and presentation of information. The home page was revamped to be a more visual representation of FMI’s offerings. Instead of a text-based description, the page gets straight to the point with images and interactive pictures of exactly what FMI can provide its clients. There are newly added, noticeable, buttons for direct links to learn more about their capabilities, quality assurance, and the markets they serve. Furthermore, the navigation bar was made more clear, and a call to action with contact information added to the very top of the page.

All of these elements combined helped FMI to develop a more direct and visually appealing site; one that tells other businesses exactly what they can offer, and do so quickly—just like their manufacturing service.

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