Social Media Marketing

With the recent launch of their new name and brand, Keystone Precisions Solutions (KPS) not only revamped their website with KSA&D, but they also wanted to make sure they were getting their name out on social media. 

Through a collaborative effort, KSA&D and Keystone Precision Solutions developed social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. KSA&D created a strategy, then combined it with writing content, running monthly paid ad campaigns, and delivering monthly analytics.

Working closely with essential leadership at KPS, our social media specialists built targeted social objectives and paid campaigns aligned with Keystone’s business goals and objectives and ensuring relevance throughout.

The Keystone team is working in close collaboration with the marketing team at KSA&D to create regular social media posts that share relevant and engaging topics highlighting their employees and customers. Their posts range from showcasing products and posting interviews with vendors to getting to know the Keystone staff and what they are doing as a company internally and throughout the community.

Since working on their social media campaigns, KSA&D has helped Keystone increase their following by 142% on Facebook and 25% on Linkedin.

Keystone’s goal of getting their new brand recognized is a true success thanks to the efforts of KSA&D.

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